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How do you use a document like the amended birth certificate given to an adoptee as a legal representation of the entire truth? In this memoir, Jennifer Dyan Ghoston examines that question based on her role in law enforcement for over two decades. She shares her courage as an adoptee to move closer towards the truth and a search for her birth family. Her passion for adoption reform is evident in this book. It is her belief that those in agreement will be moved into action to create change.

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All adoptees deserve the equal right to possess our original birth certificate and in 2010 Illinois took action to make it so. Jean Strauss' film introduces you to over a dozen adoptees from Chicago and the surrounding area who were able to request for the first time, a simple piece of paper.

"Just eight pages into this 'what happened next' memoir, you are catapulted to the 1960's when Dr. King visited Chicago as a part of the Civil Rights Movement. It was during this time that a middle-aged black couple were making plans to assure that I would be a part of their life and family."

Released 11/15/15

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Recommended Resources:

WHO AM I REALLY?, the podcast 

Episodes reveal other adoptees sharing their journey. It's a good dose of "Somebody gets me".


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