"This book was so compelling, informative, and heart wrenching all at the same time. I enjoyed the triumphs she experienced and cried with her when she experienced heart break. I never imagined the difficulty of obtaining a simple birth certificate for adoptees. I never thought about the impact of being adopted on the child. This book opened my eyes to the struggles associated with adoption from both sides. This book was a great read and a page turner. Jennifer laid her heart and soul out on the pages of this book and it is extremely relatable. I recommend it to everyone."
-L. Griffith  Amazon verified purchase
"Jennifer Dyan Ghoston invites you to join her in recalling her painstaking journey for the truth concerning a subject matter that is too infrequently discussed in our everyday lives, a matter that has profound implications on the meanings of Love, Family and Self. In her easy and relaxed demeanor, Jennifer takes your hand and guides you through an explicitly chronological experience that is her journey. She tells her story to you as if this is the first time she has spoken of her journey and emotions out loud to anyone."

-T. Roper  Amazon verified purchase

"This story is at once familiar and unique. Jennifer Dyan Ghoston shares the nearly universal feeling
of longing to know her heritage, her background, her birth family. She worries for most of her life
about hurting her adoptive family, and postpones her searching even through her training as a
police detective. I recognize the deep ambivalence and wanting to protect those who raised and loved
her. This book demonstrates the lifelong nature of being adopted, how it shifts and changes through
the years but is still always a constant presence and influence. I found this book moving and
fascinating and honest. Thank you, Jennifer!"
-S. Ito

2017. Jennifer Dyan Ghoston. All rights reserved.

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